Did you feel like giving up your dreams? It’s completely alright. How to overcome it.

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“A lot of people fail to prosper because they are too busy dreaming in their sleep than chasing their dreams in life.”― Edmond Mbiaka

Are you chasing your dreams?

Did you give up in past?

Everyone gave up on something or somewhere in life.

We must hear these many times

Follow your interests and passions.

Never give up your dreams

Most people have a habit of giving up as they don’t have the proper direction or path to chase their dreams.

I want to tell you some key tricks to overcome the feeling of giving up.

1. Begin with a plan always.

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It’s vital to have a plan of action to achieve your dreams. It not only gives you a direction but also provides timelines so that everything will work towards accomplishment.

The way of planning varies for different personas and scenarios. Whenever you desire to give up, this plan will make you more focused and you can come to know your actual level of attainment and deviations.

2. Use Affirmations and gratitude.

Positive affirmations are great to motivate you. These will make you free from negativities and scares. When we repeat the affirmations, again and again, it will create a signal of confidence and positivity to our mind.

When someone's sentiments low, or Wanna quit, try affirmations and gratitude.

Gratitude is the key to unlocking happiness and success. It will lead to motivation and happiness to achieve your goals. It reduces loneliness, helps in proper sleep, and enhances relationships.

3. Join the community of optimistic People

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Optimistic people are self-motivated, surrounded by a positive aura, and are usually happy and satisfied with their lives. When you are with amazing people who work to help others with no self motive, you will start emotions out of the world.

Optimists are those who expect goodness in the future with few uncertainties. Try to join the community of such persons by spending maximum time.

Gordon Tredgold says, “Surround yourself with positive people and see their optimism give you the strength to try new things,”

4. Realize Your Strength

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Every person carries his own strength, one will identify it and take advantage of that. If you don’t know your strength, others will use your weakness to defeat you. You can test your strength with this aptitude test.

SWOT analysis is most important for self-love. SWOT means Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and threats analysis. Realising and believing your strength is a path to settlement and happiness.

5. Be Result-oriented individuals

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Result-oriented means learning from previous errors and trying things on an experiment basis, ask for feedback and get assured results. Each one of us will make a habit of developing a trait of result orientation.

Result-oriented individuals having records and proof of their success and achievements. A single task is to be done in such a manner that it will be done in an efficient manner with evidence of results.

Once you try to add this trait to your personality, it will not allow you to let give up on anything in your life.

6. Go Back To ‘Why’ it happens?

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Before giving up anything, always ask yourself a question of a big Why it happens? They tried to find the answers about what is wrong or a mistake or what you forget to apply, etc.

If you ask why more and change things, you can be an inspirer for others as well. You must know the reason you want to give up?

7. Share Your Goals

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As we all know, it’s an era of technology, all of us dependent on social media. You can share your goals on social media platforms, which hits your curiosity to complete such a task to announce your value.

After having a feeling of giving up on such a task, social media will not allow you to quit as it shows your failure and everyone fears it.

When we share anything publically, it will give our mind a reminder to complete it. If you think any task you have is incomplete to do, share it publically. Try this trick, might work for you too.

8. For success, there are no shortcuts.

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If you want to meet success, stop searching for shortcuts. Shortcuts may seem easier to execute, but in the long run, they will prove to be the wrong path.

A long path may seem difficult compared to shortcuts, but it assures you a sense of achievement.

For With giving up, shortcuts always push you towards quit which is not a solution to happiness.

“If you quit on the process, you are quitting on the result.”

Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win- Vince Lombardi

Please drop in the COMMENTS Which trick will you try to come out from the above situation?



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