Life lessons everyone must learn before attaining 30s to be free from unwanted stress.

Photo by Zazen Koan on Unsplash
Photo by Johannes W on Unsplash

1. You learn that people’s opinion about you doesn’t matter

Photo by Jonathan Sebastiao on Unsplash

2. Learn to appreciate your health

3. Learn to understand the importance of forgiveness

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4.Learn that life becomes more expensive as you grow older

5.You Must Continue to Grow and Develop Yourself

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6.Start Saving for Retirement Now, Not Later

7.Be Good to the People You Care About

8.You Cannot Be Everywhere And Have Everything


An individual cant be everywhere and have everything.



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Ashmeen Kaur

Ashmeen Kaur

An Educationist, Freelance writer (Creative thinker) & Sales professional. I love to write about lifestyle, productivity, and relationship.